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Suggestions for any extra kit


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Dangerous thing surfing ebay on a wet bank holiday.... but having shot and processed a roll of Delta 100 yesterday, after about a 4 year break, I'm liking the N1 :)
Bought a remote LA50 switch today, wondering what else could be use full.
Hoped to find some B&W filters, I have an Orange, but filters in the large sizes for N series lenses seem to very rare !

So have a N1 with P9, (and NDigital) 17-35 with Contax UV and PL ...
24-85 with Contax UV, PL and Orange....
80-200mm and TLA360.

Tempted by a 50mm F1.4, mainly because with film and ND you can't crank up the ISO as you do a Canon DLSR !!!....

The 100mm Makro looks tasty..... and more reach with the 80-300 ??....

Like I say browsing on a wet bank holiday is dangerous pass time ;)