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Suggestions for high quality portrait films




anybody who could give me tip which negative films I should use for portrait shooting that I am planing?
Colour and also b/w material.

Thanks in advance!


For color I recommend using Kodak Portra 160 NC (professional) or Fuji Reala 100 (consumer). If you need more speed use Kodak Portra 400 NC. These films have low saturation and pleasing, natural skin tone and color rendition. Here's a link to some other recommendations on the Nikonians site:

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ALso, yuo may consider Fuji pro portraiture emulsions such as: Fuji NPS 160 and NPH 400. Both are very well regarded by pro portraiture and wedding photographers for their natural color rendition especailly tuned for rendering faithful skin tones and moderate contrast to handle large contrast differences (such as blacks of groom's suit against pure whites of wide bride's dress).
Fuji Reala 100 is actually the consumer version of NPS 160 and is great one by its own while being significantly cheaper. I personally used to shoot Reala for natural light partraiture (now do NPS 160) - made several enlargements - great stuff.

regards, Alex


As colour negative films I also can recomend the Portra 160 NC(natural colours) and even the 160/400 VC when more intense and vivid colours are wanted.
Also a Portra is available in black and white that provides high quality results but also still great film is the Tri-X 400 with good saturation without being too high-contrast.
Have fun trying them out!



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For stunning portraits try Fuji 160 NPS professional film. It is availalbe in 120,220 and also 35mm.Flesh tone with flash and w/out which ara fabulous. Good luck. Let me know what you think.