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Summarit collapseable 50 f2 lense



HELP!!! I am in the process of buying a Leica M5 and a Summarit collapseable 50 f2 lense. Please give pro and cons on the LENSE ONLY. Thanks, Dino


Dear Dennis,

The Summarit is not collapsible. I suspect you are looking at a Summitar. In either case don't waste your money. For a fraction more you can buy a 1969 Summicron, which was the usual lens with the M5, and one of the finest 50mm lenses made. The results from a Summarit or Summitar would make you question why you bought a Leica.

Best wishes,



> I hope a M5 too. The summarit is a fantastique lens because aperture at 1.5. I use it during 25 years ! for my point of vue is better than a summicron 2 In black and white is accurate ant the coma defects give a super background BUY it ! Give me your email and i post 1024 pixel pictures in gallery youhave somme summarit shots regards zekkar


New Member
Hi--I have opportunity to purchase a Summicron f/2 50mm collapsible lens (ser. no. 135xxxx, and a 90mm f.2.8 Elmarit, ser. no. 242xxxx, each for about $360. Both appear in good optical condition. Any opinions on these lenses would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I have not used either, so I can comment only on the prices (I bought an M3 last year and I have been slowly getting lenses, so I have been checking prices for some time).

$360 is on the higher end of what is being paid on eBay, but still within reason. (Keep in mind the 1969 Summicron "one of the finest 50mm lenses made") that Justin mentoned above is a different optical design from the collapsible.

I have found a good idea to check the prices at KEH as a guide. They list a collapsible Summicron "Excellent" for $379 and the Elmarit for $275 as "Bargain" (=perfectly usable, in my experience) and $429 as "Excellent".

Everybody will recommend to try to get the newer lenses-- However, I have a collapsible Summitar I got for $176 (+$30 for M-adapter) and I am very pleased. In my case, if a "classic" lens starts to be close in price to a newer lens, I am not interested.

Current Elmarits can be bought on eBay between $450 and $600, Tele-elmarits between 300 and 450. Both are supposed to be better than the older Elmarit.

If you are going to pay a little bit more, you should ask for return privilege or some kind of warranty.

I hope this helps.



Dear Eric,

The 5cm collapsible Summicron is overpriced. It is a good lens but naturally not quite as good as its younger sibling.

The 90mm Elmarit is a very fine lens and well priced.

Best wishes.