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Summicron 50mm f2 made in Canada


Well-Known Member
Hey everyone,
Is there any difference between the Summicron lens made in Canada or Germany?



Hey Bill,
I have a summicron 50mm, made in Canada,
and a 35mm Summicron asph made in Germany.
I dont think there is a difference
except that the 35 asph is an outstanding lense.
The pictures I made with this lens seem to be more three dimentional then the 50.But I dont think it has anything to do with where it was made. I think its because the 35mm asph is a later lens.Having said that , the 50 Summicron - I will never get rid of because its great lens and I think it will out perform any German lense of the same type and year. If you can get a Canadian lens and save money over the German make ,go for it.You won't be dissapointed


Well-Known Member
Hey John,
thanks for the good word. I'm looking forward to shooting my last roll of kodakrome today through my Summicron.