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Summicron or Summilux lens


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Hello, I am interested in getting a second hand M6 ttl .72 black. Does anyone know where I can get a good deal? What should my starter lens be? 35mm or 50mm? what is the difference between Summicron and Summilux? Does f1.4 and f2 make a big difference? Thanks in advance. Ann


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Ann, if you are speaking of the ASPH versions of the 35, in real terms there is no difference except you are getting an extra stop with the Lux. The standard black versions of each are about equal weight. The Lux will intrude more into the viewfinder since it's longer. How often will you be pushing the envelope when it comes to lighting situations. Look at the type of pictures you have shot up until now. How many could have been saved if you had that extra stop of shutter speed?

My one beef with the M6's when it comes to 50mm lenses is how how much extra shows up on film from what the viewfinder brightlines show. If you ever get a chance to compare the same scene with an older M and a newer M you will notice a pretty big difference between each camera and what it shows will be on the film with the 50mm. The 35 framelines seem more accurate to me, though still not as accurate as the older M's.

That said, the 35 or 50 lens choice is only one you can make depending on your shooting style. If you really get into M photography you will wind up owning both. I like both views but tend to favor the 35.

Hope this helps.


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>I don't mean to start a controversy in this age old discussion, but here is my personal input. I am this minute in Paris doing some street work. I find the 90 2.8 to be invaluable. It is discrete both in size and distance. At night, for indoor work, I use a 50 1.5 CV and certainly could not do with anything slower. Tri X is rated around 320. Now for the heresy-for a 35, I carry a Contax T3 in my coat pocket. The only use I have had for my 35 lux is to look at contact sheets.


>Dear Ann,

Before you commit yourself, give the prospect of an extra stop some serious thought. If that is interesting to you, and you can afford the high price tag, don't hesitate, it is certainly about the best 35/1.4 there is!

I happen to own both of the 35s for the time being, but will get rid of the f/2 ASPH. The primary reason being of course money. Both are too expensive to own if you don't do photography for a living, and I've decided on the 35/1.4. My decisive reason is the narrow DOF of the 1.4, it is quite a treat to be able to isolate your main target of interest with such a shallow field of focus, yet with such quality! Since this is my first 35/1.4 I can't really compare, but it has certainly given my sense of vision a new tool. Finally, I wouldn't agree that size and weight are the same, the 50g difference is not that noticable, however the handling (at least with large hands) is a lot better with the /1.4.

Just my 2 cents before you take the plunge!




> Definitely the newer f/1.4 35mm Summilux is better than the first one, the main reason being, of course, aspherical elements. I had the first version for a while - very compact, certainly, but noticeably soft wide open. Even so, it is amazing how you can photograph inside restaurants (or take shots of shows or plays) at night with 400 film and no-one notices. You wouldn't get any shot at all at f/2, or it would be less sharp because of a slower shutter speed. If you can afford it (and all Leica gear is pricey after all), the 1.4 is worth getting. It would encourage you, challenge you, implore you to take advantage of its virtues. However, if you are after a noticeably softer background through shallower depth-of-field at f/1.4 as opposed to f/2, you will be disappointed. These differences are negligible with a wide angle 35mm lens; you really need a longer focal length lens for portraits. (as an aside, I wonder why Leica makes such a virtue of its aperture-priority 40mm Minilux lens: most photographers won't be able to notice which aperture was used.)


>Just forgot, one extra point (or question for whoever has the answer): the Summilux at f/1.4 is obviously better than the Summicron at f/2. But which is better at f/5.6 and smaller apertures? Or is the difference so miniscule as not to matter a jot?


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Before anyone jumps into buying the current Summilux 50MM, please read this. Changes are definityly comming!

OKAY! NEW LEICA PRODUCTS WE CAN EXPECT! Stefan Daniel, the head of Leica product development (I think I got that right) started out by putting a prototype LHSA gray hammertone MP on the lectern in front of him. He confided that when he first saw the gray hammertone top plate, not yet fitted to a body, he didn't much care for the look of it. After he saw the finished camera, though, he though it was "all right."

Asked about the possibility of a digital M, he explained what we on the Leica Forum already know: it can't be done with present sensor technology. Stefan said it was their dream to make one; but until someone comes up with a sensor that doesn't have to have little micro-lenses in front of the pixels, or little filters, it will stay a dream. Someone wanted to know if he perhaps had a digital M in his pocket, and wasn't satisfied until Stefan turned his pants pockets out!

So, no digital M. How about auto-focus? Nope. Will there be an APO 75mm f/1.4? Stefan didn't know. Will there be a redesigned and updated 50mm Summilux? YES! It is a priority! Stefan said we can expect one. How about a 75mm Summicron? Stefan said a lot of interest has been expressed, and it "could happen."

What else? Stefan said Leica is not satisfied with their lens hoods and caps on some models, and is looking to improve them. And--are you ready? They are considering made-to order Leicas. You tell them what features you want, and they build it. Sort of like a Dell computer, maybe?

So that takes us up to about 4:00PM yesterday. Really, more like 4:30, as everything was running late. I'm, going to post this much, for now. I'll be back with the rest later. 'Bye for now . . .


Dear Ebenezer,

Many thanks for this wonderful news for those of us not able to be in St. Louis right now.

There really are some exciting possibilities ahead.

Have lost of fun and keep us posted.




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Sorry to disappoint you but I wasn't there either. A member of another forum was and I thought it was to all our interests to copy and post.


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could you please disclose the source of this information and how reliable this source is. We want to avoid to publish quotes in this forum without sources. Otherwise this forum could easily become a rumour only place



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Ebenezer's quote probably comes from the second of the two links below. Both are brief reports from the LHSA meeting posted on The last post in the second link describes the reporting as "detailed, accurate, and timely". That poster also attended the meeting. Links:

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Peter, You beat me too it. thank you. I did copy part of your second link.I'm sure that the review is accurate as his review of Sherry krauter's presentation covers, exactly, the area covered in a conversation I had, well in advance of the LHSA meeting.