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Summirat 50mm f15


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Hey everyone, Is the Summirat 50mm a good lens? Is it durable? Is it as good as the Summilux or is it comparing apples and oranges? Thanks.



In my opinion the Summarit is a very much underappreciated lens. Bokeh is outstanding and the debth of field is very small at 1.5 and 6 feet. Some have reported soft pics. Mine is reasonably sharp in a 12mm circle in the center of the field and acceptable in the corners. I just tested it against a mint lux first version and it was sharper, but individual s&les vary. Many are fogged internally and NEED to be cleaned before they work properly. Hold the lens against a dark field and shine a light through both ends and be sure it is clean. The coatings are very soft and need to be cleaned very carefully. At 2.8-4.0 they compare to the more modern glass. You need the proper lens shade at about $150. Mine wears a 41mm uv filter to protect the soft front, although I normally do not use filters.

If you want the old time Leica look, this will give it in spades. Full open portraits are georgous. I would not trade mine for any 50 lux, but then I have not seen the new one. I will warn you, it is a heavy lens with lots of brass and glass.
hello bill.
i think...summilux is broad spectrum usable very good lens.... but.. summarit is sub-lens for your special mood intermittently.
it's photo is very very soft in B&W, and weak color in negative color film. and it has severe flare if you take photos against the light.

but..if you want to get soft portrait and flower picture with beautiful boke, the lens is answer (lower price than noctilux).

41mm UV filter is very rare.
and it is hard to find really good condition summarit..
i was hard to find the lens with good condition, but more hard to find the filter 41mm UV.

i recommand you 50mm summilux or summicron if you don't have the lenses.
but.. you have that lens and if you just enjoy the old leica lens, buy it...