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Supply of new N system


Hi Dirk,

Just wanted to ask if there is away to find out what future supply will be for lens for N system? Can you ask your contacts as will need to find out as not sure if to buy now from B&H (US) or wait and hope that supply is there and the prices go down but not up.

I have also had a few prices given to me for a new N digital they range from 2600-4400 pounds which seems high to me when you convert to Australian dollars.



Well-Known Member
Hi Rodney. B&H, like many retail places, still lists N gear, but no one has anything. Out of Stock is listed on almost every lens.

My dealer thought he could get it at great prices, the Tocad rep said they could supply it, then suddenly they couldn't. Big let down.

If you find what you want, and insist on New, get it quick. The production on some of these lenses wasn't very high in the first place, so I'd wager that once they're gone that's it.

But you never know what these guys are up to.