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T2 Mount Lens Recommendations


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Since I already have a Tamron T2 Mount (Not a M42 mount) adapter for my SD14, which I use with my 90mm Ø Maksutov Cassegrain telescope and pin hole lens, I would appreciate some suggestions for antique T2 Mount lenses to watch out for.
Hi there Steaphany.

I thought T2 mount was almost exclusively a long telephoto mount. I had a 400mm f/5.6 generic lens back in the day. After a quick auction search, all I see are crazy long telephoto's and mirror lenses. I don't know if you'll get anywhere with that mount.

Have you thought about purchasing an inexpensive M42 adapter? It will get you a lot more as far as "normal" lenses. Let me know if you have any questions about that.



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The mounts work well with my telescope, focal length 1250mm, and I have seen optical microscopes which use it to couple to a camera.

Since it was originally a general purpose mount, a precursor to the Adaptall, I was wondering what else I could find for it.

I know the M42 would be better supported.

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Hi All,

since I am a fan of old glass in front of my SDs, let me bring some light into the dark.

There have always been ambitions to have a standard lens mount for a number of different camera brands.

The oldest and most frequent lens mount really was the M42-screw-mount.

M42 (meaning metric 42 x 1 mm diameter standard thread) used to have a flange to film distance of 45.5mm.

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Since many modern DSL-R bajonett-mounts have fewer than 45.5mm flange distance, you now can easily adapt a large number of these old lenses to the cams.

SIGMA-SA has 44.00mm flange distance ... so an adapter is no problem.

NIKON-F for instance is 46.5mm. So no NIKON can take an old M42-lens.

Well. The T2-mount (frequently called T-mount) is a special mount for telephoto lenses. Its flange distance is 55mm.

Although T-mount is based on a 42mm screw mount, it would not fit any M42 mounts. In fact it is an M42 fine-pitch-thread M42 x 0.75.

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So It is for telephoto-lenses and astronomical telescopes only.

Actually, I have quite a number of such "very long" T-mount telephoto-lenses.

Above, the ancient Adaptall System was mentioned. It was the final attempt, to find a standard mount, when all the manufacturers switched to their own bajonetts to protect their brands.

After all, there was another (very rare!) system, put into practice by two lens makers (SOLIGOR and VIVITAR). They called it the T4-mount.

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Similar to ADAPTALL, adapters were the link between them and the particular camera bajonett to be fitted.

Even M42-T4 adapters were manufacturerd to fit the lenses to the M42-Standard.

All these ambitions then failed bitterly when the cams came with shutter priority exposure then autofocus and finally by-wire-apperture. Any dreams of a standard mount were ended abruptly.

I am very proud to have two of these very nice T4 lenses (a 35mm 2.8 and a 24mm 2.8 Vivitar) and two of those very rare T4-M42 adapters. Using then an additional M42-SIGMA SA adapter, I nicely can use them with my SIGMA D-SLRs.

See you with nice pictures



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T4/TX Mount Lens

Thanks for the info Klaus,
Although finding the T4 mount isn't to hard or expensive, finding the lenses is.
I only find zoom lenses in these mounts on auction sites. And a lot of sellers tend to not really know what the mount is so mark it down as the wrong thing.

You got lucky with those wide angles. I've got a Vivitar 21mm f3.5 and M42 T4 mount that I just tested the other day with the Polish M42/SA adapter (which is fantastic by the way).

It's not a great lens but it'll give an idea of how it works.
I have to say contrast and sharpness suck, to be frank. But I can use it on a number of cameras I have and it was pretty cheap for 21mm.


  • vivitar 21mm t4.JPG
    vivitar 21mm t4.JPG
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