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T3 Lens Hood and Filter Can you use both


Thanks to everyone for the advice. I just purchased a black T3 and I couldn't be happier with the photos. I also purchased a Contax UV filter to protect the lens. However, I would like to purchase the lens hood and metal lens cap, but the Contax User's Manual states that using both the hood and filter will cause vignetting? Is this true? Also, are there any other options for protecting the UV filter?


I have been very happy with my T3 since bought it half a year ago.

Right now, I'm using it to take B&W photos. For that sake, I bought a UV lens couple of days ago. However, I found the filter glass is not tight fixed within the frame but loosely embraced by the frame. May I know if this is normal? Or any other users have the same situation?

I used to use SLR and have quite a number of 62mm filters. But the filter glasses are tighted fixed inside the metal frame. This is my first time to buy a 30.5mm T3 filter. Wonder if the movable (it could move forward and backward a bit when I shake the entire filter piece) filter glass setup is normal and would not distort the picture quality.

Please tolerate my silly question. Hope someone there could help me on this.

Thanks indeed


New Member
Jason: I was considering the metal hood and cap too. But instead, I bought the 30.5mm lens cap (#942720), which I think it was designed for TvsII or some earlier T/Tvs models than T3. It's a snap-on type, it's pastic, and it's cheaper than metal hood+cap.

Brnd: The glass in my UV filter for T3 does not move. However, I notice this problem with some of my other B&W filters. But you can tighten it by rotating the little ring that is screwed in from the front, with a small screw driver. That might work for Contax filters also.



New Member
We are still left with the orginal question of this thread unanswered. On the T3 can the hood be used in conjunction with Contax filters? I have heard that the Heliopan filters are thinner and can be used with the hood on the T3 and thus reduce and/or avoid vignetting. Has anyone tried this? If so what filters have you found especially helpful? After all, this is one of the strong points of the T3.
Cordially, Greg