T3 ok to be shaken


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Lately I've been taking my T3 during various mountain bikes trip. It's stored in a bag that's attached to the rear bike rack. Now, I am a bit worried that all this jiggling & rattling for hours might do harm to the "delicate electronics" to my T3.

Can someone confirm my fears? So far, my T3 hasn't had any problems yet. Should I continue to bring it on my bike trips or leave it at home?

Thanks for any advice.


If it were me, I'd keep the T3 in a fanny pack and not in a pannier bag attached to the bike. It has to be taking a pounding back there and at some point something's going to fail or get knocked out of alignment. Road biking would be okay so long as it's stored in a foam-lined case and you're not touring on European cobblestones.

FWIW I take my T3 backpacking all the time and have never had any problems, with the exception of the time it got soaked.