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Taking photos in dimly lit JAZZ CLUBBS

I tried to take photos in a dimly lit jazz club in NJ called Shanghai Jazz but with my N1 and it's 24 - 85mm zoom I had a 4 sec exposure wide open. This weekend I bought the 50mm 1.4 and trying to use it wide open with 800ASA film I was still at a 2 sec. exposure. What are the rest of the people doing with the same lighting, shooting in this club without flash? One of the patrons was giving enlargements to a headliner last evening and I was looking on with amazement. How are they getting good exposures? Is it digital perhaps? Does digital work well in low light? Any suggestions?


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Hi Rick,

I suppose that the long exposures are due to exposing for the average light in the club which may well be a predominantly dark background, in which case the exposure will be longer than you anticipated. Have you tried spot metering the subject only?

I was using the spot metering mode as well as center spot focus. I work for Fuji Film so at this time I am committed to using silver halide film but is it possible digital is better in low light. I have no experience with digital products. Rick