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New Member
I'm from France (my English is not perfect...)
I'm going to buy a sd14 next week and a m42 adapter;
I would like to know if there are problems (concerning the rear element for example) with these lenses :
Tokina 17/3.5
Mamiya Sekor 21/4
SMC Takumar 24/3.5
SMC Takumar 50/1.4
Schneider Xenon 50/1.8
Thank you very much


Active Member
The rumor is that the Sigma SD15 will be released in February 2010. It might be worth your while to delay your purchase a little bit longer?


Well-Known Member
I have no direct experience with any of noted lens, but one thing to comment (sorry about my english, if you don't understand, then ask):

if you're using lens with small diameter lens back (like Takumar 24/3.5 looks), then you may get green corners on image. SD14 uses hot mirror kind of internal IR filter and this needs to use lens with effective exit pupil far from sensor plane (what usually looks like large diameter glass on lens back).


Well-Known Member
Taku...Avro is right...I would measure the distance between the mount and filter...just so you know...and then make sure that every lens you have does not come close to that...I don't mount anything that is within 3cm of the filter...the filters are $75.00 to you don't want to break them....:z04_smileys26:

D~C...I think the price point will be closer to when the SD14 came-out....950 to 1250 USD.....I hope it is $700.00:z04_sabber:

Tony C.:z04_cowboy: