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Tamron 300 f 28 filters



Would anyone with a 300 2.8 lens be able to tell me whether the filter holder takes standard 43mm filters?
There is a clear filter stuck or permenantly mounted in the holder currently.
If it's just stuck, I'm open to suggestions as to how to remove it, as there is only about 2/3rds of the filter accessable.
Joe W


Well-Known Member

I have been using a rubber strap wrench to remove stuck filters. It has worked so well the filters release like magic. It is a little awkward to use but it sure works. I use the small one available from Sears Craftsman.


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Hi Wojo,
you have probably sorted your problem out, but just a remark: tamrons drawer (300/2,8) has 39mm filter size, output size is 112mm. 43mm filters will not fit.
Regards, Pavel


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Sorry to all for my mistake,
Tamron 300/2,8 MF has of course 43mm drawer filter size (outer 112mm). 39mm filter size has another lens- 300/2,8 Nikkor MF.
Anyway I am confirming the mehtod of James G. that it is works as described.
Apologize, Pavel