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Tamron 90mm Macro on digital



Hi all,

I'm currently looking at the Tamron 90mm Macro (on a F80). In future I will however also be looking at digital, thus I would like to know whether there are anybody using this lens on a digital body and whether it works well. I do not want to buy a lens that will not work in future.


Active Member
Hendrik - How does this compare (cost) with the 105 2.8 AFD and 60mm AFD? There are lots of these for sale - used. I would like to see ex&les of digital images made with these lenses since I have a pre D 60mm that I use with an N8008s, no DSLR yet. Tom


Thanks Tom. I compared the 105 2.8 and the Tamron 90 2.8 and the price difference was quite a percentage. Although the built quality may not be the same, it does seem like the handling and image quality of the Tamron is of the best.