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Tamron Adaptall 2 on Leicaflex

This topic is what brought me here. I Googled this and I saw some old threads regarding that. I just recently decided to buy a Leicaflex SL to dabble into film a little bit. I have owned Leicas - including 2 SL's - going back to 1969.

I would like to know what exact Tamron adapter I need to find for use on the Leicaflex SL. Someone sold me an adapter, insisting that it would mount on my camera but it didn't so I returned it. If someone reading this has one they would like to sell I would be interested.

My camera kit as it sits now has a very nice SL body and a very nice 35-70 f3.5 Vario Elmar (60), all for $500.00. Not bad for a working Leicaflex SL.
Thanks, John Leicaflex SL.jpg


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It's a long time ago that I used a tamron adaptall mount on a Leica R camera but I think that it would only work on my R4 and it was not that reliable. I've just done a quick search on eBay which has brought up a few adaptall mounts which purport to work on the Leicaflex SL but they are not cheap. Some have no aperture linkage at all. Oddly enough I have a T4 mount for the SL.

The Leicaflex SL is a lovely camera [sigh].
I have two adapters for the R system and they work well. The SL adapters are about $200 a piece which is mor that I would be willing to pay