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Tamron Lens



Hello - I've own the Canon 10D for a little more than a year. When I bought this camera I also bought a Tamron 28-200 AF ASPHERICAL XR(IF)lens. Up until 2 weeks ago everything was fine. Now i get error 99 more times than i can count. Why? I've been told Tamron is a third party lens and this is expected, I also just got back from vacation where 1 minute I was in 85 degrees and the next was air condition - I know that might cause a problem - but I've been back for 11 days already. Shouldn't any possibility with humidity have cleared up by now? Thank you; Mark


New Member
hello mark remove the battery for about a day and then reinstall make sure that the camera is dry and clean have you remove the lens so bothe can air out if the problem does not clear up call canon suport they can help.


Well I just discovered the problem - after going to two camera shops today - I've discovered Canon techs were right. Third party lenes will not always work with Canon. I took the camera and swapped it with one of their lenes and my camera was screaming to take pictures. I must have taked 50 shots in 60 seconds with no problem. The camera shop persons tok my Tamron lens and placed it on their cameras - and they had nothing but trouble. Please keep in mind - my lens didn't get wet, it didn't get droppped and I take care of it with kit gloves. So live and learn.