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Tele Elmarit 90 1st version


Dear all
Would like to know your comments or experience with the Tele Elmarit 90 f/2.8 1st version (Fat and short). And is it expensive?


Dear Eric

Great lens, much underrated. I sold the 2nd version and bought a mint 1st version. IMHO the 2nd version was an attempt by Leitz to lower production costs and provide pretty similar quality.

Not so long ago I did a trip with the Apo-Telyt-R on an R camera and the Tele-Elmarit on a rangefinder. When projected together there is no apparent difference in quality.

Price is relative. I would have thought $500+ for a mint one not unreasonable.

Have fun,



Well-Known Member
> The 90 f2.8 (fat) is small and pretty cheap - mine was about $450 USD - and though it is heavy for its size, it is very portable. I love mine, it takes great pictures and is very easy to use, balancing well with any M camera. I have heard reports of flare problems, but personally I find mine to be very good about flare and I never hesitate to shoot it into the sun.

I HIGHLY recommend this lens. The only drawback is that the hoods are hard to find...

- marc


Dear Marc,

I have a spare lenshood if you need it.



PS The lenshood fixes any flare problems.


> The second or "thin" version of the T-E is the one somebody claimed flares > and then a whole bunch more people, not wanting to be ostracized, jumped on > the bandwagon. I've had 2 copies of the thin T-E and 2 copies of the "fat" one > and none of them had a tendency to flare. And I have always kept a UV > filter on them, and only recently began using the B+W MRC's which are flare-free.