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Telephoto Lens not as it seems...


New Member
Hi Guys,

I am new to photography, my first digital camera was a 4.0MP point-and-shoot camera then decided to upgrade it to now Olympus Evolt E-410 with Zuiko 14-42mm Lens.

Quite a while It was ok, only the xD card malfunction often, need to take-out for a while and put it back to function properly. Then I found a 3X Telephoto Lens at eBay, bought it and test it on E-410 but the result was so frustrating, all the shots I made was a mess because it has dark areas around the photo "Vignetting" I guess is the term for that, keep on playing with the settings but can't seem to figure out, looked at the camera manual but to no avail.

Is there someone here that can help me? or have the same problem but found a solution in between.

Your help is highly appreciated.