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Test with SD14 & 70-180 Micro Nikkor...


Well-Known Member
Ok by no means are these the best subjects or some of my best work...but I have been looking for one of these lenses to put on my SD14 since I converted it to Nikon F....I just got it today...and wanted to play...!!!

Here are my first shots...






I think this lens is very promising...I have been looking for one that would not break my pocket-book...but let me see what the SD14 could do with a very good Micro/Macro lens...

Please I don't do much macro photography...Yet...But this will help me move that direction...

Thanks for looking...and CC is always welcome...!!! Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


Well-Known Member
Looks like it's working for you. There's plenty of detail here. I like the cat, especially (and I'm not really a cat person...). I think it's the range of textures and details and a shade of personality.