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The Advantage of Using Phocus?


New Member
Please excuse my igorance, I'm new to digital and to M.F. digital.
Is there any real advantage of using Phocus? I have got used to using Adobe bridge and CS5. I'm hopeless at Lightroom and since picking up my HD4 recently, I can't see myself getting much better on Phocus which to me seems just as confounding as Lightroom.

My preference is to bring all images shot on my Hassy into bridge and then just load them up one at a time for futher editing in Photoshop. I'd be very interested and very grateful for anyone's opnion on this choice and once again, apologies if this sounds dumb. Cheers Chris
Hello Chris,

I have a H3DII 39Mp for 1 year, i have done several tests with Phocus LR4 and Raw Therapee and the Hasselblad software allways give-me the best results.
Give a try to Raw Therapee, its a free program, with difficult controls but huge number of fine image tune-ups...that sometimes give a suprise with the results.



New Member
Thanks Pedro, I am still using CS5.6 and Adobe camera raw but I intend to teach myself how to use Phocus. It's the importing of files that I find difficult. I will certainly look at the raw converter the mention. I must be honest, I'd never heard of it before. Cheers Chris


Well-Known Member
HB works very closely with Adobe - so ACR should be fine for your needs.
I use Phocus for tethering - where it is great.
However, I'm not impressed with the new interface...... :(