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The D1



I bought a D1 secondhand in March and am delighted. For a sports photographer, that +50% on focal lengths makes a huge difference! My [also secondhand] 80-400 VR now becomes a 600mm handholdable lens! Why am I keeping the F5? Sadly, in the members' grandstand at Le Mans this year, a piece of the body covering (the one under my thumb, i.e. covering the CF slot) fell off and was lost. Any ideas how I get a new one, please?


I've never understood this extra focal length argument. If your digital sensor is 2/3 of the full film frame, you can get the same image from your transparency/negative by cropping it to keep the central 2/3. A good scanner will give you more than 6 M pixels for that area, and you have the luxury of moving the crop area if, for ex&le, your subject wasn't quite centered. Of course, digital gives you instant feedback and uploading... Just my thoughts.


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i would like to get a used d1 and i have read that i can use old f-mount lenses on them. i am still not clear whether the f-mount lenses i have - 1960's vintage, mf, non-ai - are, in fact, usable on the d1. can someone give me a clear understanding of which old f-mount lenses are usable on a d1?


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I've used all my old ais and ai lenses on my D1 for the 3+ years I've owned it, including my 35mm PC lens. Just make the changes from matrix metering to spot metering or egads, use a light meter, and shoot in manual mode. My personal experience is the D1 to be extremely rugged and versatile from shooting in the desert to the rain forest. I've also learned to be extremely careful to plan in advance and try not to change lenses whenever possible. Any dust on the CCD sensor is too time consuming to correct.


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>i believe my lenses are pre-ai and pre-ais! i use them > >with photomic ftn meter/prisms on F bodies. do you still > >think they will work? >