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The future for RTS system a new RTS IV why not



No news from RTS line,after RTS III? This is the latest "pro" model of manual focus Contax lines. But it dates 1990...Is an update for manual top class Contax bodies possible, or destiny will be represented only by autofocus, digital cameras after N-mounts turnover? In my opinion would be interesting a development of a RTS IV new generation...combining matrix expositions with AX technology (but not so heavy to carry, and a little more fast focusing, please), flash meters like RTS III one, colormeters and so on...with some more attractive new clever tricks and solutions that I couldn't imagine...all condensed in a new manual focus top class body continuing RTS name...Why not?


I spoke to Kyocera Germany some weeks ago and their answer was quite clear: There won't be any RTS IV in the future, because sooner or later the MF line will be discontinued and the RTS III is still competetive after 13 years. Sorry.


Mmmh… Thanks for your contribution Walther, but I don’t really believe that Contax will totally abandon manual focus systems. If they said clearly they want to update the RTS line before presenting and offering immediately a new model, great part of people loving new Contax wouldn’t purchase new RTS III waiting for novelties. So Contax wants probably use the strategy of surprise, refusing to add more rumors at the present. In my country the new RTS III are the most expensive 35mm cameras you could buy... But what does a stop in manual focus camera production would mean (expecially the top class RTS serie)? It would mean that thousands and thousands of manual Zeiss lenses will be forgot in bags preserving them only from dust but with no practical utility for the eternity even if purchased last year...I don’t assume Kyocera managers be so out of mind to abandon this so loved category of customers who purchased manual Contax for excellent Zeiss manual lenses. It’s a nonsense to tell them “move all to N-mounts if you want to continue to use a new Contax!”.Think for ex&le at Nikon philosophy: You can use a modern first class autofocus camera like F5 or F100 with manual lenses built 40 years ago...What about Leica cameras? Everytime old fashion design, clear tradition of telemeter line cameras...What do we expect from Contax G-series then? Only an experiment to guess? Hard to think it, I suppose.Would Contax reduce its target only to professional photographers (as Hasselblad does with medium format) or challenge the total full-risk digital turnover towards more competitive and aggressive producers? Excellence in mechanicals and in optics or challange only in terms of digital bits? It’s not the some thing and the final result not guaranteed. OK, future is digital and autofocus, I don’t want to deny it. But it seems a reason more to think that future manual focus will be used strictly by professionals, as B&W photography survived after and despite the massive use of color films...A reason more to think that actual manual focus camera will be replaced only by new top professional manual models. It’s unprobable they will replace the top level RTS III with a second or third generation of the entry level manual focus Aria to satisfy the same target of customers. Notice that digital is not made expressely for collection and obsolescency is faster than traditional brand’s one...N-mount equipment should be judged professional but limited in terms of variety of choice... So what? If Contax decided to change mount again? No, no...that is not the right way to satisfy consumers. Contax has refused autofocus systems for years... invented a solution to autofocus all manual lenses only 7 years ago...and then it contraddicts itself now?
I could tell you in advance that I heard a serious expert of Contax (based in Milan) who said that, according to Kyocera Japan, a new RTS is not so far to come. At the moment they are concerned in enlarging N-mounts market a little more...but after that...