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The Green Meanies


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This is what I got in a photograph today.

Definitely got a green cast and banding... How do I avoid this in the future? SD14, and the subject was back lighted. Only processing has been to resize and convert to jpeg. Full EXIF was left in the file.


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As per your EXiF data.....ISO 400....F5.6....1/20...EV 0....300mm....WB Manual...


What WB did you use....why ISO 400...?? was the room dark...??
What software did you use to edit...EXiF says Paintshop Photo Pro 13....did you run it thru SPP first....?? And Lastly, does the banding show-up on the LCD screen in the back of the camera..??

These question will help determin what might have gone wrong...


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The green looked less strong in the camera. I did not put it through SPP, originally. PSP X3 will open an X3 file. However after reading your reply I tried it again going through SPP 4.2.2 first. There still is a green area, but the bands are gone. Note to self, always use SPP!

Thanks for your help.


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I always use SPP first then save it as a JPG or Tiff to use in Photoshop or NX2....

The SD14 does have a green tint to it...and usually SPP will take that out...on the SD15 I have heard it is less....and on the SD1 I think they have fixed it...but we will have to wait to see...

Also if it's not a dark place try to stay around ISO 200...I only start using the higher ISO's when you actually loose light...I have shot at 800 and 1600...but you have to be very careful the camera is not forgiving...

Have a good week....Tony C.