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The Moon II (Lot's O-Pictures)


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I did not want to hi-jack Steaphany's thread again...:)

This is the set-up:

Sigma SD-14
Nikkor 800mm f5.6 ED Manual
Manfrotto 475
Wimberley II

SD14 & Nikkor 800mm.jpg

SD14 & Nikkor 800mm - 2.jpg


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800mm Strait....

This effectively gives you 1280mm with the SD-14

1280mm f5.6 ISO 200 1/200

1280mm -1.jpg

1280mm - 2.jpg

1280mm - 3.jpg


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800mm w/Nikon TC-301 (2x) Teleconverter

Specs: 2560mm f11.2 ISO 200 1/200

2560mm - 1.jpg





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800mm w/Kenko Pro-300 (3x) Teleconverter

Specs: 3840mm f16.8 ISO 200 1/200

3840mm -1.jpg



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I could get crazier with the TC's....but decided the 3x was far enough for now... :z04_smileys26:

Up-until I used the Kenko teleconverter....I really did not see a big difference looking thru the viewfinder....the Kenko is the softest of the three...then I would have to say the Tamron would rank second...and the TC-301 was actually really sharp...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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You don't need to be concerned over hi-jacking a thread that I started. These are all public discussions and I do not feel like those I start are specifically owned by me.

On to your photos, My first impression and what surprised me first is the contrast between the flat seas and mountainous regions, especially for such a full Moon phase. The actual clarity is also amazing for all the configurations, especially since these are single, unstacked, exposures. (Do correct me if you've done any stacking) You've certainly have what it takes to be a Lunar Photographer. :z02_respekt:

I hope you don't mind the suggestion, but I feel you may want to submit one of these to
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web site. A pair of professional astronomers, Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell, created and have maintained the APOD since 1995 and it's archive contains the largest collection of annotated astronomical images on the internet. They accept submissions from both amateur and professional astronomers. The big plus for your images is how they were produced, since I've seen some published photos which could not achieve your clarity with out stacking.

I suggest that you check out the About APOD page and the information regarding submitting photos is at the bottom of the page:

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Again, :z02_respekt: Very Good Work :z02_respekt:


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I'll take a look at the site tonight....since we will have a full moon tonight....I wanted to try a few of the TC stacking combinations....and see if I can get shots of some of the craters....

I did not stack the images...they are all done with one shot...

Thanks for the suggestions.....What I am really hoping to do is get my equatorial I can take a long exposure of the moon..over a 20sec to see what types of details come out....

That will happen in the next few months...

Tony C.


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Holy Smokes!

Incredible pictures, I've never seen those colors come out in any moon pic before. The reds and the blues...
Your set-up looks like a laser cannon out of Star Wars!
Thanks for sharing, you should consider selling those pics!


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Very nice. At first glance that lens looks like a telescope, not just a really big lens, lol.

Can't wait to see even more close pictures.


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April 8th

Now I am about to post a bunch of pictures taken....I did an experiment with Teleconverters....

Sigma SD14 mounted to a Nikkor 800mm F5.6

With; Nikon TC-301 (2x) - Tamron SP Pro 2x (2x) - Kenko Pro-300 (3x) in that order....

effectively giving me a 15,360mm F67 (had to shoot) ISO800 1/50
This shot is a little...:z04_975:...blurry one due to softness of the shot...and two everytime the wind would blow the camera would shack like I was in an earthquake...:rofl:




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These shots were done with:

Nikon TC-301 (2x) - Tamron SP Pro 2x (2x) in that order...

Effectively giving me 5120mm f22.4 (again due to the high f-stop) ISO 800 1/50

Again there was no way to sharpen these up at this focal distance.....





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This group were done with:

Nikon TC-301 (2x) - Tamron SP Pro 1.4x (1.4x) in that order

Effectively giving me: 3584mm f14 ISO 400 1/200




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Getting a little more sane:

Using Nikon TC-14b (1.4x)

Effectively giving me 1792mm f8.4 ISO 200 1/200




This 4th one was shot at ISO 800 1/150



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This next set is strait from the lens....No Teleconverters.....

Effectively 1280mm f5.6 ISO 200 1/200


This shot was at ISO 800


Thanks all for looking....I hope you enjoyed these....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


very nice shots! :z02_respekt:

I'm planning to buy one or two teleconverters and do something similar, but I don't think I'll get close to the moon. maybe to a bird in some treetop.