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The new kit lens 281003556 D with macro



Hi all! I just bought yesterday a Minolta Dynax 5. My previous camera was a Nikon F50. I was looking for something with more functions than that (DOF preview, advanced focusing system, custom functions), with a more ergonomic commands (dials) for shifting exposure during taking photos and with a better kit lens than my 35-80mm on the Nikon. Reading the reviews of this class, I noticed one 'over the fence' competitor that was really packed with features at a reasonable price tag. After reading two days about Dynax 5 I decided is what I'm looking for. Yesterday night I've played with almost all the functions and get used to the camera controls and operations, I can't hardly wait to take my first roll (slide probably) to test the sharpness of the lens (f8) and the metering system. If it provides the pictures identical to what I took a month ago in Prague, then I will be very satisfied with this camera.

The actual subject of this thread should be about the new lens kit that Dynax 5 comes with. It's about a 28-100/3.5-5.6 with macro at 0.47 meters. This lens was launched somewhere in August 2003. Is bigger and a little heavier than the 28-80 lens, but I guess that 20 more make a point. I also hope that quality improved over the 28-80, it has to be. It has a filter thread of 55, pretty nice grip and stylish silver and black colour.

What can you tell more about this lens. I couldn't find ANY review for it on Internet.