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The new Kodak Tmax 400 asa


Well-Known Member
Who has tried this new version film. I read very good repport about this film. 200cyle /mm and iso at about 640 asa.
Who has made some tests and is this film realy for sale now ?


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I used 3-4 rolls against TRiX. It is as advertised. Sharp, little grain, and little character. May as well use a digital. I looked far and wide for it and after finding and using it wondered why.

TriX please.


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Now I have tried it and I use it regulary. Perhaps 15 films.

No problem to use it at 1600 asa. I use it only on argentical way and I blow-up about 20 pictures at 30x30cm (I only use this size) on Foma Warm tone (baryta base) for portraits.

Very sharp: I take pictures at 800-1600 asa but the result on paper is close to an 100 asa film.
It's my regular B&W film now. Funny to use it with a 110mm 2.0 or 50mm 2.8
I never was fanatic of Tri-X or Royal-X anyway.

Two points important to know is the fact that processing time given by Kodak seams optimistic and you need to care the film: it's realy eazy to get scratch.

Wait the day it will be sold in 220 or...70mm sizes !