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The road to nowhere


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A fun travel shot of the landscape encountered.
The seemingly endless road in far New South Wales outback. I didn't get to take a compass reading! :)
This is a longer lens version because I quite preferred to capture some detail closer up.


  • orange-road-800.jpg
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  • orange-road-800.jpg
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This shot is great and just shows why rules in photography don't work. The lines in it go straight up and across, meeting at the middle, and it works.

Damn that silly rule of thirds anyway!


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My compliments Simon!
Shots like this one make my mouth water and bring a trip to Australia much nearer.
What a beautiful country with colors that seem impossible to find elsewhere.

Odille gave the correct analytical opinion.
You bent a few well accepted rules and came up with a great shot.



Who cares about rules? Shoot the way you like - photography is about enjoyment, not getting stitched up about whether the image conforms to a magic formula.


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Many thanks to each of you.

With regards to "rules". I prefer to think of them as guides. As guides they are often logical in that they explain how images often best achieve the taker's objective - get the viewers' eyes to step purposefully through the image and see what you were seeing.

In this image I felt that symmetry was important. What I was "seeing" was that everything in that area for so long while driving was the same. The road was straight and the surface the same for about 100kms; the landscape on both sides was filled with the same plant species; the sky was crystal blue... It remained the same for a couple of hours!!

In my mind it was that everything was "symmetrical".... it all just went on and on and on and on... So in the square format, I was compelled to make the image symmetrical so that viewers eyes just followed that straight road through the symmetrical scenery into the horizon.

It seems it worked. :)

Thanks again. I do find commentaries about the images I post to be helpful.