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Dear User,

as you know all our forums are free for you to use. As a matter of fact, we financed over the last 7.5 years our forums even without advertising banners.

Because the costs of running these forums are too high, we started in 2008 to introduce club-memberships with additional features on a free-will basis and almost 3 months ago, we asked more precise for donations. Our hope was that we can cover the costs just with club-memberships and donations.

But looking at the numbers, it turns out that we will not able to cover the costs with club-memberships and donations alone. Therefore we have to introduce now in all forums advertising. At the beginning the banners are coming above all from Google advertising, later maybe also from cooperation partners.

For most of you, this is nothing new, because you see on the web everywhere combinations of banners, club-memberships and donation buttons. This is how everybody tries to cover the costs on the internet.

So you will ask yourself: Why do we make a big deal out of this? Why do we make even an announcement about this? It is just “the normal way of life” on the web anyway…

But we personally would have preferred to finance the sites without big advertising. I know that we are the only ones on the web who thinks this way, but we had this "Don Quijote"-ambition all these years to survive without ads.

But reality is it is not possible anymore without additional income and we have to face this reality. So from now on it will be like at other places on the net. You will see Google banners etc. Of course we try to make them as nice as possible. We changed for example the colours of the text-ads already so that it is more in line with the appearance of the forums.

And please bear in mind, that Club-members will not see any advertising at all, as soon as they log in. Only non-Club members will see the ads. So we still offer the opportunity to become a club-member without then seeing ads.

If you see ads, please click on them. This is the only way for us to get money through these ads. But of course we would much prefer to welcome you in the forum-club. You have then access to more features and no ads, so it is worth it in both senses.

Your Team