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The screen of my MT167 is dead.


Active Member
The left screen is dead (partially black).
The repair shop said it doesn't make sense to repair it because the screeen is closely attached (welded?) to the harness, so to change everything it should take a full day.
Did you solve this issue already?


Active Member
Hi Mulanee,
I have just repaired the screen of my 167 one month ago. The internal display was partiallly dark in my camera but the substitution of the circuit is one-made. The repairer gave me the changed circuit and the sostitution was made with a part not new but refurbished. With two hours of labour, the works cost € 120 (about $170).
Good luck.


Active Member
Yes I did same operation.
Service was not good, I had to repair it by myself after getting the new screen in position.
I always get some aperture/speed bugs, some figures (always the same) are very light, same figures are dark for other aperture.
I tried to lubricate contact without success.
Any idea?


Active Member
No I didn't .
I guess it will be expensive for almost nothing.
Just try to pick up this "nothing"