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The snow is back again

Andreas Friebe

New Member

my first post in the english Sigmaforum. Usually I am in the german one.

My english could be better, I will do my very best;)

Today the weather was fine so I took this picture on the way home.

Titisee/ Blackforrest.

SD14 with 10-20mm lens at 10mm


Guest .

Hi Andreas,

nice to see you in the English SIGMA-world, too.

I like your pictures a lot! :z02_respekt:

See you with such nice shots



Well-Known Member
Terrific shots!.
Thanks for sharing, I've to look at those 10-20mm lenses...

Kind regards,

Andreas Friebe

New Member
Thanks for your nice comments.

Yes, the 10-20 lens is a very good one. Although the sun is straight in the picture there are a min. of flares. I like to take pictures with this wonderfull lens.

Kind regards


Hi Andreas,
sorry for this late respons.
Nice to see you in this section as well.
I hope you will enjoy here as well as you do in the German section.
Marvelous pictures you are showing.
Keep on shooting