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The ultimate SIGMA-Macro-Kit


The ultimate SIGMA-Macro-Kit
Part I
In order to eliminate the need for a single device for each situation in the macrofield,I assembled
a kit, which I think, covers most of the needs.

Image 1-3:
The extension tube consits of two parts now and the cable ist plugable.

Image 4:
The extension tube on the SD14 with attached 18-200 OS.
Handy and ligthweight.

Image 5+6:
Now with one or two additional FD extension tubes,25mm each.
Adapter m1FD01.jpg
Adapter m2FD06.jpg

continued in partII


Part II

Image 7:
The wellknown Canon Auto Bellows.It stay as is,only the aperture lever was removed.

Image 8:
A Manfrotto Quick Release adaptor is attached to the main boom of a second Canon Auto Bellows.
It clicks underneath the first bellows and allows the unit to be moved sideways.

Image 9+10:
To the front adaptor of the above mentioned extension tube I connected one additional adaptor
which consists of a Sigma lens Bayonett and a ring from a 62mm filter,the filter glass removed.
This gives a handy retro adaptor.

Image 11:
By turning the front part of the bellows it becomes a retro adaptor too.
So there are two possibilties for retro operation.
Retro im Balgen.jpg

Image 12:
Overview of all parts:
Bottom row shows the 3 adaptors with cableing,in the middle are two FD extension tubes 25mm each and one
additional M42 adaptor with FD mount.
Top left the Canon Auto Bellows and the boom with the Manfrotto Quick Release plate at the right.



Well-Known Member
That just about covers all contingencies, Uwe. Now for some samples of what you can produce with this handy work of yours. ;)

Or do we have to wait for spring so you can use it outside, in the natural world? :)

Sincere regards, Jim R


@ Jes : thank you

@ Jim : I´ll try to take some pictures,BUT tomorrow my daugther and husband will arrive from Bombay (Mumbai) for their annual holyday in Europe.
So priorities might change slightly.:) :z04_dm-walk::z04_smilie_geschenk


Well-Known Member
Sorry, Uwe, I didn't mean to pressure you in any way. ;)

By the way you emphasized the "BUT", I can understand that you have far more important priorities at this time of the year. Here's wishing you a wonderful, memorable time with those near and dear to you.

BTW, I overlooked complimenting you on your excellent photo presentation of the "new" gear too. Great! :)

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs


Hi Jim,
thanks for the wishes + compliment.
Since I´ve taken no fotos with the equipment I was nosy myself.
I did a quick setup,using the 18-200mm OS.
The 18-200 OS is used very often here in Germany.
I used my pen as example because its size wellknown and one can relate to it.
Just a quick demo,nearly out of the cam, of what is possible
First image is @200mm,no rings, as close as I could go
pen@200mm close.jpg

second image with the basic ring 38mm

third image with basic ring + 25mm

fourth image with basic ring + 2x25mm

Best wishes for Christmas


Well-Known Member
Thanks Uwe.

Now that i have a broken SD14 (sob) and a broken SA lens (more sobs) I intend to take mounting rings from both and create an extension ring for my 105mm macro. Starting project today.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

Bob Adamo

New Member
sigma macro kit

I am just starting to assemble the pieces for the conversion. I just got a sigma sa-300n and a 28-200 zoom from ebay for $10. I still need the bellows and what I think is extension tubes for the bellows to make the adapter. I was thinking of M42 extension tubes and Russian bellows that I see all the time on ebay. The Russian bellows look overly built and adjustable. Any comments . !!!


Hi Bob,
do you have a link for the mentioned "Russian bellows" ?
I would like to have a look at them to see what size they are
and what they mechanically look like.
For the adaptor / extension rings I think the M42 are to small.
The diameter is somewhat around 48 - 50 mm.
The Sigma bayonet has an outer Ø of 65mm,that is what you need at least.
I had some plastic rings made for me by a friend,65mm outerØ and 50mm innerØ.They are 8mm thick.
The FD bayonets I used have a shoulder at the inside which is 50mm,so it matches perfectly and you do not have a centering problem.
The Canon Auto Bellows is equipped with FD bayonets.
You take off the front one and mout it to the back counterpart.
Go through the threads here and you will find more details in the pictures.
Good luck

Guest .

Hi All, Hi Uwe,

Well, Uwe and I know from the SIGMA-community. Most impressing ... even "revolutionary" was his first SIGMA-bellows which he once presented in another German-photo forum.
I nearly overlooked it at that time, because a "gifted" moderator turned it from the SIGMA-section to the "kit and kaboodle" section.

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Uwe and I then went to C-info ... there good ideas were presented and appreciated.

Since then, Uwe has developed a lot of very nice and useful SIGMA-stuff and inspired others and me to recreate things and do further thinking.

Thanks for that Uwe!:z02_respekt::z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

See you with nice pictures



Hi Jason,
the previous discussion is on the mechanical aspect only,just how to get parts
together,it has no effect on the optical performance.
If you use a M42 lense,an extension tube and a M42-Sigma adapter you will have no vignetting or shading at all.
All you loose will be one f-stop or may be two with a long tube.
Keep in mind: a longer tube (or bellows) will give you a bigger ratio
but on the other hand you have to go very close to your object.
That effect can be compensated to a certain extend by using a longer lense
i.e. using a 100mm lense instead of a 50mm one.
hand you

Guest .

Hi Jasonh,

M42-Macro works perfectly as well. The only disadvanatage is that you have to slow down aperture manually. You will have to cope with a fairly dark viewfinder then! I do not mind that all that much.

-Fliege1-.jpg -Fliege3-.jpg


All these shots are M42-results (PORST 75-260mm F:4,5 MACRO-ZOOM + M42 bellows.+ flashlight)

If I remember right, I had it slowed down to F:16 for wider DOF.

See you with nice pictures