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The very reluctant cooperation Sony and Zeiss


Well-Known Member

what do you think about the very slow cooperation between Zeiss Alpha lenses and Sony DSLRs?

Does it matter to you at all?

Currently there are only very few Zeiss lenses available for Sony Alpha DSlrs. I definitley was hoping for more, since I am a big fan of Zeiss lenses because of my experience with other Zeiss-SLR cooperations (Contax, Nikon etc.).

So what is your opinion on this? Which focal lenght would you like to see as a Zeiss lens? Or zooms?

AJ Gressette

New Member
To me it does matter and it matters a lot! I think we need to keep in mind that Sony is new to the DSLR compared to others. In time I think we will see more lenses with better optical quality and cameras with greater potential. I would like to see the Minolta 28 f/2, Minolta 35 f/1.4, Minolta 100 f/2, and the Minolta 85 f/1.4 Limited produced by Zeiss. Because not all information was sold to Konica and then Sony, I doubt we will ever see the Limited reproduced.
Just my thoughts,