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Tick-Tock (wristwatch pics)


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Hello macro-folks

Been getting up to speed on a SD10 + 70mm macro for my watch collection. This watch is a limited edition model, only 150 made. The bezel is offset a little to show mean solar time for where I live (sad, ennit?).


I do like Glycine's attention to detail:


I was shooting watch pics in LO res for web publishing but lately I've found that HI res pics re-sampled downward in Photoshop Elements give a demonstrably higher image quality. I don't use Sigma's Photo Pro (too picky!).




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Trying another X3F converter this week

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Thanks, TC. Currently, I'm trying FastStone's Image Viewer and getting some good results from:

a) It's Lanzcos re-sampling options
b) It's fancy YCbCr JPEG option

I'm not so concerned about super-accurate white balancing, so the lack of a "color-pick-a-neutral-color" function doesn't bother me too much. It can be got round by using a screen color-picker (always on top) and manipulating the hue sliders.

For a $15 donation, it compares extremely well with the mighty Adobe's offerings and beats SPP handsomely, IMHO.

best rgds,