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tiger resting/sleeping...


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Hi dears,

Here is one new photo, developped on LR...
still B&W, still square format...
Promised next time I'll go back to 4/3" format :)




  • 2009-07-05_tiger-resting2.jpg
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Hi Pedro,

Nice picture! I like the square format too. Do you photograph also 6x6?

Best wishes


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Thanks Dirk

yes I started like most of us on a 35mm camera (zenith E for being exact) before being tempted by medium format and then went to Meopta Flexaret Va (TLR 6x6) and later, for having access to other focal lens values I wanted (dreamed will be more precise ^^) to go to hasselblad ^^ and reason (more precisely my wallet and bank account while student at these times) made me go to a nice and smelly Arsenal Salyut S of 1976... smelly due to the lub oils they used to use but nice cause one without defaults from back to shutter to lens... then I lately had a mamiya 645 from a friend of mine that stopped film photography but it broke quite at the first rolls... I asked him why ? well he told me that its baby camera being quite 15years old and him having used it those years by doing massive wedding photoshoots... well RIP Mamiya ^^

So yes I had a lovely long story with square and medium format 6x6 cameras and unfortunately not enough space anymore to bring back my developping studio at home here in Paris :( so I left it in my mother's house... more than this is also the increasing prices of photo paper, dev products and film rolls that being rare see it being really expensive when doing a lot of shooting... :(

Best regards to you Dirk