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Time for upgrading


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After a couple of years with the SD9, I've upgraded to the SD10. I was a bit tired of the dual battery on the SD9, so I recently took the opportunity to sell it when a colleague insisted in getting one. After that I got two cameras: A mint SD10 (the full SD10 imaging kit) and a Polaroid X530. When looking for "X3 Foveon" it did appear as "new in box". Since the price was right, I didn't doubt, I got it.
I'm very pleased with both cameras. The SD10 has been barely used and performs much better than the SD9 at higher ISOs. Having only one battery set simplifies my life, even taking into account the batteries in the SD10 last much less than in the SD9.
On the other hand, the X530 is a really good performer. I have only one claim: There is a dust speck that shows up in all the pictures (it was not at the beginning). By now I'm cloning it out from the pictures, but I'd like to fix it. It's quite annoying. (BTW, does anybody have or knows where to find a service manual for the X530?).
I have to test yet the SD10 with my manual focusing lenses, I keep the adapter from the SD9, but I expect similar or better results.
A few samples taken with both cameras:






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Wonderful colors... only Foveon

It's new to me the Polaroid ...other Brand camera companys where release with the Foveon sensor?