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TL360 auto zoom function on the N1


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I am thinking of getting the TLA-360 flash for the N1 cos my TLA-280 is somewhat less versatile in control particularly in the balance of ambient and flash light ratio. According to Contax brochure, the TLA-360 flash zoom head can automatically change (from 24-85mm)according to the zoom setting of the lens. I think this is very sleek but I am very puzzled by how this can possibly achieved unless the lens itself has electronic communication with the body which gives information about the zoom focal length apart from the aperture. Mind you the TLA-360 was introduced years before the introduction of the
N-1!!!! Any idea please?


I can tell you that it works very well, and that is enough as far as I am concerned...but maybe someone else can explain this better to you, should you want to pursue this in technical terms.


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Sing, it does communicate with the body. Previous Contax TTL cameras had the electronics also. The multi pin shoe is the clue. There are 5 pins on the TLA 360 which match those on the camera's hot shoe and provide communication for different functions.

One irritation I have with Contax is that the off camera cord only has 3 pins, so you lose some functions...the auto zoom is one of them if I recall.


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Marc I stil don't get it. The old manual MM lens only feed aperture information to the body through mechanical linkages. How the does TLA360 detect the actual zoom focal length of the manual focus lenses?


I have always wondered about this too. Unless Contax already had N1 planned all along when they decided to introduce TLA 360.

But then again, it could have been just coincidence or luck ....