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TLA 30 with Aria


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Does anybody have a manual for the TLA30 and/or has any experiences of using the above combination. I have a friends wedding coming up and wish to try out before the big day. Any sensible advice out there would be very welcome.

Regards David


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David, I have a copy....but it's my only copy of the TLA30 manual.

I'd be willing to lend it to you I you promised to let me have it back after a few weeks!

The TLA30 is a cracking gun....I've used it on
RTS II, 137MA, 137MD, 139, 167MT, ST, RTS III and my current AX... as well as various Yashicas ( but not the Aria). Only recently after 15 years constant use has it become a little problematic with intermittent triggering problems....I'll have to have it looked at!

Bob Letsche UK


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> [Shortly after posting the message i found a site with full details of the TLA at
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I have managed to download most of the manual but i would still like general feedback. I've been told to simply put it on TTL and let the kit do the work. Can i trust it?]


A little practical advise using the TLA30 under a specific circumstance. If your outside, with a fair amount of ambient light, I've had good results using the following procedure:
Meter the shot with your camera in center weighted mode, take note of the shutter speed and aperture. Go to manual mode, set the speed and aperture, then set the exposure compensation dial to minus one. (keep the shutter speed within the cameras usable x-sync range, 125 or less for the aria IIRC)
This works with my mm159, perhaps with your aria, perhaps not............
The net effect is getting fill flash at one stop down.
It's the only way to achieve full at one down with my particular combination (159 and TLA30).
A mite cumbersome, but the results are worth it.
Good shooting,
Joe W.


You can also leave the camera in auto mode - use exposure lock once you have metered the scene, then use exposure compensation to reduce tla flash output for fill.


Perhaps this applies to the aria, however on the 159, when you meter and lock then use the exposure comp the shutter speed adjusts changing the ambient light in the exposure. I expected the Exposure lock to lock the exposure no matter what else was done. I found that the exposure compensation changed the "locked" exposure.
To verify this I "locked' a one second exposure. snapped a shot to verify a one second exposure, compensated minus 2 clicked off another shot and the shutter speed was about 1/4 sec.


Hmmm...I actually have a 159mm so that was my reference. I thought that when you have a tla flash attached and switched on (important) the exposure compensation strictly regulates flash output. This is different than using exposure lock without the flash unit switched on. That's what it says in the 159 manual as well. But I could be wrong! In any case I use that technique for fill flash (generally with -2 compensation) and the results are what I am looking for. Cheers.