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TMoun lenses


New Member
Is it possible to use a Tamron T-mount lens on my D50?

I tried (I do have a Nikon T2 adapter), but the shutter won't close. I tried every mode on the camera to no avail.

The lens is a Vivitar 500mm mirror manual focus lens with a preset 5.6 aperture.

I'd love to be able to use this again for snapping airplanes at the airshow!


Active Member
> James, I do not believe the D50 can handle lenses without the > electronic interface - so you may not be able to use that "cat" at > all.


James, I have the Tamron SP500mm, which uses the Adaptal 2 mounting system (no electronic communication). Try putting the camera in Manual Mode and then take your shot. This mode works for me, but without any metering. You either guess the exposure (check Histogram) or use a handheld meter to set your shutter speed. Hope this helps?