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To Be Or Not To Be C8080

Today I ordered a C8080. After a lot of research I finally decided to "go for it"!
The short list was really between the Panasonic DMC FZ20, the Minolta Dimage 2A and the Sony 828.

My last camera was the Panasonic FZ2.....although it was only 2 megapixels it was a fantastic little camera. When the FZ20 was launched, my intentions was to upgrade to that model because the lens was identical and I would expect at least as good results with that.......but as I've mentioned I did some research and persuaded myself that the C8080 is the camera for me.
Why was I persuaded? Well it certainly wasn't the amount of a larger or lesser degree pixels is only a selling gimmick. OK it is possible to enlarge to a greater size but let's face it, that's relative, the bigger the picture the further distance you view it from, so you don't see the pixels.
I know most photographers are struggling for better quality but to achieve that the lens is much more important than the amount of pixels....Oh yes the other very important thing to make a good picture is where you point the camera....your subject. It doesn't matter how many pixels you have, if you don't have an eye for a good shot..........
Sorry for digressing, I was carried away. The reason why I chose the Olympus was because of the various positive write ups which I read which said that the image quality and build was excellent. There were other things like the greater width on the lens and fantastic battery life etc etc.
I only hope I am not dissapointed.