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To Keep or Sell my X700


Dirk, I have both an X-300 and X-700 with various bits and pieces. Extension ring, filters, Rokkor f4.5 200mm, Sirius f3.9 80-200mm zoom and a couple of f1.7 50mm (One Rokkor, one Minolta MD)

From your post I deduce that Minolta has changed to a different lens mount system.

So how good is this collection? Do I stay with it, despite being obsolete, or do I change to a different system?

I haven't used SLRs for some time. Usually too noisy and clunky. I normally use an M-series Leica for available light and normal to wide angle work, and an auto-focus point and shoot for casual work. However SLRs have some advantages, especially long focus and macro, and with a polarising filter.

My son has gone to Nikon, so I'm thinking of taking that path.

All suggestions welcome.


Hi Alex,

yes Minolta switched in 1986/1987 to AF (with the Maxxum 7000) and with this switch it introduced also a new lens-mount.

The same happend with Canon and Nikon. Nikon only partially, because you can attach still the old Nikon lenses to the newest AF bodies, but not all functions are working.

With Minolta and Canon you can NOT attach the old MF-lenses to the new AF bodies. All three brands are not designing or producing MF lenses anymore.

Nikon is the only brand which is still producing an pureley MF body (FM3a), both others do not do this anymore.

So you have to decide whether you are happy with your current equipment (X700 and X300) and lenses. Minolta MF lenses are a bargain on the second hand market and not worse than the Canon MF and Nikon MF lenses. But the latter ones are more expensive second hand, Canon I do not know.

If you son has already some Nikon lenses, it is of course intriguing to go the same road and share the lenses. But to be honest, I do not know whether your son can give you always the lenses you need in that momemt or whether he is reachable in that moment. So you will end up sooner or later with buying the same ones for yourself again. At this point there is no difference from which brandname you buy the lenses, you have always to pay for them.

The other question is, what are you doing with your old X700 equipment, once you switched to another brand? Depending on your plans for what you want to use SLR in the future, I would think about it.

If you will use SLR rarely and are happy with your Minoltas, there is no reason to switch. If you want absolutely AF and have therefore to buy anyway a new system - no matter which brand, I would tend nowadays more to Canon or Nikon, since they show advantages on the digital road and Minolta is doing nothing on the SLR line for digital imaging.

Just my 2 cents



I agree with Dirk on keeping and using the X700 and lenses if you use SLR infrequently.

If because of age and inability to see clearly the vuewfinder and you are going to AF SLR, do consider Minolta AF. Though Minolta do not have as many lenses as others, their lenses range is sufficient for most of us. Their lenses quality of image is superb. Minolta is still value for money.

I for one will not buy an expensive digital SLR just becuaes so and so has lenses that can fit current AF mounts. Digital slr has not come of age to the masses. Prices are too high for most of us poor workers.

I own and use X700, Dynax 7 and also Dimage 7i. The D7i is a marvellous digital camera! Because of the integral lens I don't worry about dust getting onto sensors (and the cost of cleaning sensors) whenever changing lenses. The D7i 28-200mm meets 95% of my needs.