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Tokina ATX 24-40mm f2.8 80-200mm f2.8




I have the oppourtunity to purchase both of these lenses to use on my 167MT. Can the 80-200mm Tokina be used with my MUTAR II? Any users out there care to comment on the this combo?

Thank you very much,

James Burris


Active Member
Hi James

I had exactly this set, 167mt, 24-40 and 80-200 about 12 years ago, and I really liked it. Stopped down to 5.6 both lenses are sharp and contrasty, and the focals match each other nicely.

Later on I decided to stick to Zeiss and now have 18/28/50/80-200. Overall the quality is better, I'll say the Tokinas is a 8.5 and the zeisses is 9.5 on a 10-scale. Depending on the picetag on the zooms, it can be a great way to get a set of lenses, that have the same color-rendition and good reproduction.


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