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Tonemapped mountain


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The early light of dawn rises at the right, I'm looking across a deep and verdant valley, and in the distance, the geometric crags of Mount Timponogos appear through the thick atmosphere on the far horizon.

In the moment, my eyes don't perceive the extreme difference between shaded foreground and the faint mountain on the horizon, but this is what makes this shot more tricky than I expected.

Back at my computer, almost all shots are either washed out or far too dark. I manage to salvage this one by processing the the X3F twice--optimizing the mountain in one, and the foreground in the other--then feeding them into Photomatix to create a tonemapped HDR. The shaded parts of the mountain come out too blue, so I reduced the saturation in Photoshop.

What might I have done to get a better shot straight out of the camera?

Sigma SD14 with 150mm EX. at ISO 50, f22.



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Wow, a very curious effect. If the whole image was washed out like the background mountains it would be boring, but what you have done with 50% of the foreground mixed with the washed out background made me stop and look and look at this image.

Excellent effect and not really one I have seen before. Good job on some originality!

Thanks for posting.