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Tough choice Help


Hi all,

I'm likely to have a choice to change my C/Y system to either TVS Digital or NX with 28-80.
Just cannot decide.

Useability, weight and easy of use on TVS.
Better performance, rich of functions on NX.

I need autofocus, if to leave C/Y.

What would You do??


Here are two of the myriad possible arguments:
If you want digital and you HAVE to have CZ, go for the TVS (and do not be disappointed when new models from Canon, Nikon, etc outperform it handily for a fraction of the price within a year).
If you just want autofocus and CZ lens, go for the NX and wait with the hope of a future digital Contax SLR



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Sergey, I think in general the autofocus is not an ideal forcusing method, once can not get the real point sharp images if you are using the AF. Personnelly, I use an N1 and the forcusing is not good, I have install the split image screen in order to get the point sharp image, and forcus at the place that I want it to forcus. I am very happy with CZ lenses yet if I made another choice, I might go for the CY mount and may be with the AX body.

(p.s. the dual furcusing method is a great feature with the CZ lenses, if you are to buy the Nx, I will highly recommend it! Yet I think the 28-80 do not have this feature)


>=20 >=20 >=20 > [Unless it is a high end DSLR otherwise film base camera is still much > superior than TVS-D or Canon G3 but DSLR cost a fortune. If you are not = going > after print over 8X10, and want to have a camera handy at all time then T= VS-D > is a great one.] >=20 >=20 >=20



I cannot believe that autofocus is less accurate than manual. Body actually measures quite precise.
If it would be this way, no sharp pictures would be possible with rangefinders (for ex&le).

I think the only difference in focusing between an eye and a chip is the speed. Accuracy should be better using AF.


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I would recommend you to get an AX body, if you already have MF lenses. Using that digital camera is very limiting, and also 28-80 is not a best zoom in Contax N line.


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Sergery, This is a personnel experience, I am not too sure if other share the same feeling as I do, when I enlarge it to 12" by 18", I saw some subtle differences between the MF and AF. For ex&le, two weeks ago I went to shoot some dragon fly. I had a picture that point at the dragon fly directly on the head. I had the image captured and it appear to be sharp all the way from the month to eyes and the pictures looks great in an 4" by 6" photo. I scan the film and blow it out as large as possible to see if it is worth making a larger print out, yet I found out that the forcus on the month is "dead on" and the eyes is a little bit out of focus, it will be great if it is the other way round. When I took the images, the images capture square is on the face of the dragon fly, cover both the month and eyes, and the machine decided to focus accuratly on the month instead og the eyes. I am not saying the AF is not accurate, but it is not the same as the photographer's mind, and sometime it just not better then using the MF. For taking landscape or so, AF is great, yet for taking close object, I found the MF much useful then the AF, that why I said the dual forcus mechanism is a great feature!


i think the best choice to suit you is the nx with 28-80, but if i was you, i'll probably choose 50/1.4 n planar instead of