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Transfer rate ...super slow


Well-Known Member
I have a problem with my Compact Flash memory, from the time I bought the SD14 (7 months) ...I never check as well time.

On the camera all works fine, but on my PC I tryed 2 different card reader (all connected on my pc) the transfer rate is like usb 1.0 ....for 2 photos I have to wait more than 20 sec

I don't think it's the CF (2GB Transcend 300x), I have to try it in another PC, but anyway, in mine doesn't work, why?

A good Asus P5Q-E ...driver upgraded

...:( :( ???


Well-Known Member
First you need to make sure you have a USB 2.0 card reader....also make sure you are plugging into one of the back USB ports...I found that some front ports on computers are actually USB 1.0....if all else Transcend...and see if they will replace it...just might have an issue with it...

I had another thought...try turing off your Anti-Virus software...when transferring the data...that may be slowing it down.....

Let us know....Bustoner

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: