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Transport problem Contax RTS II Real Time Winder W3



Hello to everybody!

May be somebody can help me with advise? I bought used, but in excellent like new condition Real Time Winder W3 for my RTS II. But: always after 5-10 shots with the winder (S or/and C), after normal shutter release, the winder not make the next transport. I thing, that something blocks the transport already at the end of the last transport before the last (successful) shutter release and the next transport is not more possible. Manual transport in this moment also, because the motor coupling hold strong the camera coupling in the blocked position.

If I disconnect the winder from the camera, after a light “click” from the coupling, the manual and winder transports are again possible, with winder again only 5-10 shots.

May be somebody has experience with similar problem?

Many thanks