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Travel system



Delayed, delayed, and delayed.

... and now I've ordered ----->

M7 0.72 (blk)
Tri-Elmar (blk)
Voigt 75mm/f2.5
Billingham M Combo bag

Next on the lsit is a faster 35mm/50mm cron or lux .... although the Voigt 40/1.4 is tempting me !!! (It'd leave money for both the CV15mm and CV90mm too!)


I'm very very happy with my choices ...

but I've added the M mount Voigtlander 40/1.4 to the kit - this'll probably stay on the camera most of the time ... the Tri Elmar will come into it's own when I'm on my travels.

Thanks for all the advice (although I realise it was a while ago).