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Travelling with a camerasystem



Is the G2 the right travel camera for me?

During my last holiday trips to France I often worried about where I could leave my camera system. I really enjoyed using it in time, but not as the only activity...

So it was not possible to take it with me everywhere. It is sometimes just to limiting to lug around a camera bag, e.g. in the evening when I do not want to shoot anything at all.

Perhaps this is a silly question, but I am interested in your solution to this problem.
Do you leave your camera at your hotel room? Do you commit it to the reception? Or do you travel with a P&S?
Any other suggestions?


> I travel to France and Italy every year and take 2 G2 Bodies and four > lenses with me. During the daytime I use a "satchel" style bag for my > equipment. The advantage is that these bags are very narrow (3 1/2") > and therefore quite comfortable to carry around all day. There is also > lots of room for a wallet passport and guidebook. I have never had a > problem leaving my equipment in a hotel room. I just leave the bag in > a corner of the room or sometimes in my empty suitcase. I assume you > are talking about a fairly respectable hotel. Another alternative is a > Contax TVS lll which takes excellent photos and can be carried on your > belt.


Wow, I travel a lot (in latin america), I travel with my contax aria (and 2 zeiss lenses) and I leave my camera in my hotel room all the time. I have never had a problem with hotel theft of any kind- even when I have not returned to my room for days at a time - and I travel very cheap, so I tend to stay in very shady, unrespectable hotels. Granted, I don't leave my camera lying around next to the window (if there is a window). I always wrap it up - usually in my clothes - and stash it at the bottom of my bag or under the bed. I also never store it or carry it in an obvious camera bag, rather I use an old, beat up army shoulder bag. My logic has always been that my camera is more likely to be stolen from me while I'm out on the street, rather than from inside my hotel room. Although I might add that the advantage to staying in very cheap, bottom of the line hotels is that no one ever enters my room to make the bed or clean the bathroom (what bathroom?), so in a sense they are sometimes more secure. Either way, my advise is that you don't let the fear of something bad happening keep you from taking the camera you want. Most of the time it's just paranoia.