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Trek through the WoodsH


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Hi all,
Took the SD 14 out for some pics in local wooded area.
Sigma SD14 28-80
Processed in SPP


  • woods 1.JPG
    woods 1.JPG
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  • woods 2.JPG
    woods 2.JPG
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  • woods 3.JPG
    woods 3.JPG
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  • woods 4.JPG
    woods 4.JPG
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  • woods 5.JPG
    woods 5.JPG
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  • woods 6.JPG
    woods 6.JPG
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no6. has an interesting silhouette, I find it interesting.

Thank you for posting nice pictures,



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Thanks Robert,
I'm not sure what kind of tree it is but I looked up and that's what I saw. It reminds me of a Mandelbrot set in a way.
The picture of the tree with the jug of laundry detergent was puzzling to me. I couldn't understand why there would be a jug of laundry detergent out there. I'm still puzzled! lol


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The bright red is a stark contrast to the other natural colors.

It may have come from the distant house in the background.


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Haha, the dillema of the laundry jug.
Yes it immediately caught my eye. Nothing that bright except for the red feathers on a woodpecker family that lives in those woods (I have yet to capture them in binary).

There's litter all over those woods especially around the road and the school at one end.
But I couldn't figure why an empty laundry jug. I figured someone used it to carry out liquids
but that didn't make too much sense.

I don't know... I just don't like being puzzled lol. But that's what makes the world so great, all the little mysteries.