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Trouble printing from computer with Canon CP200


New Member
Hi all,
I am having trouble printing from my computer using the Canon CP-200 printer.
I tried to print using PhotoRecord, and I cannot choose the option "CP-200" from the "printer" pull-down list. However, I am able to choose between my other HP deskjet 3325 printer and the "fax" printer. When I clicked on CP-200, the selected option will just return to the previous selected option, which is usually either the HP deskjet 3325 printer or the "fax" printer.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling PhotoRecord and ZoomBrowser EX, as well as the CP-200 printer, but it still does not work.
When I tried to print a test page from the printer, I received the following error message:

The specified Ink Cassette and Paper cannot be found.
Replace the Ink Cassette and Paper with the specified one.
Press [Resume] to resume, or the [Cancel] to stop.

However, I was able to print successfully directly from the camera.

Please advise.

Thank you.



Hi, Rayne,

Do You use the connection cable suplied bij Canon? On older Camera solutions disk the correct printerdriver for the CP200 was not availe= ble. Try using the latest version! Good luck.



Use the latest printerdriver as supplied on the newest Canon Camera Solutions disc, and the USB-cable supplied bij Canon. If you have more then 1 USB connection, be sure to use the one you used the first time you connected the printer to your computer.
Good luck!