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Trouble with Kodak Portra VC



I have a Minolta Maxxum STSI. Whenever I have used Kodak's portra film and have it developed at a good lab there is a fine line that runs from the top of the photo to the bottom. To make a long story short, it isn't a piece of dust in the camera, I've had it checked. It only happens with Portra film, as opposed to say kodak gold.

In the camera as the film runs over the edge to be wound on after each picture there is a screw whole. One side of the whole is open and so it's possible that the film can run over the corner of the circle. That's where the line is in the photos.

I have a few questions. Is this due to the higher sensitivity of Kodak Portra film? If that is the case then has anyone ever heard of a camera that can't accept a certain film because it's too sensitive? Can Minolta do something about it?




New Member
Hi Graham,

It seems to me that something went wrong when the film was removed from its case. Have you tried another roll of the same Portra film?
Probably it will never happen again! (I hope so)